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Be simple like the Amish, but badass like a Commando

Commando Outdoor's Warrior Wax is your ultimate companion for conquering the toughest environments while navigating the rugged outdoors. Ensure it's packed in your gear—its hemp biodegradable plastic container adorned in Commando Camo colors. Go green, Go commando!

Good for your Health - Good for the Earth

Collection: For The Men

Embrace your inner Environmental Commando and gear up with Warrior Wax for the Outdoor Athlete by Commando Outdoor. This powerful formula is your ally against the unforgiving wilderness, ensuring you emerge from the trail rejuvenated and protected. Crafted by former U.S. Army Soldiers who understand the rigors of outdoor life firsthand, Warrior Wax is the ultimate solution for cracked skin and dryness in the field.

Don't hit the trail without it—Warrior Wax is a backpack essential. Go green, go Commando!