• Ingredients

    Command back your health with our clean products that enhance your life and allow you to thrive. Every product we create is ethically sourced, paraben, phthalate and cruelty free.

  • Containers

    Join our movement to reduce waste and be an environmental commando. Our products are all in 100% hemp fiber and biodegradable containers sourced through US Hemp Inc

  • Mission

    The world does not need more products. It needs better products. Miss Commandos mission is to provide you with the best products stored in the best containers sourced through US Hemp Inc

  • Philanthropy

    As a woman-driven company, we are passionate about supporting women. We give back 10% of our proceeds to the Hope For Widows foundation. 

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Our story

Lizzie was born into the strictest old order Amish family in Ohio, which exposed her to a life of hard work and farm-grown produce. This upbringing instilled in her an early appreciation for a chemical-free lifestyle. However, she eventually decided to break away from the simplicity of Amish life, driven by a desire to help people in the modern world make healthier choices and embrace a cleaner living lifestyle for better health.  

After becoming a health and wellness coach, working with both local and celebrity clients, Lizzie took her passion to social media. She began sharing her journey, offering insights into her Amish background and teaching people the simplicity of clean living. Her videos gained traction and went viral, reaching millions of viewers worldwide.

Recently, Lizzie embarked on a book tour and received exposure on Times Square's big screens, propelling her simple yet powerful brand of wellness into the mainstream. Despite facing numerous challenges in her life, she has evolved into a sought-after motivational speaker. She takes great pleasure in touring and empowering women across the globe.

Now, with the launch of her brand, "Miss Commando," Lizzie encourages women to reclaim their health and appreciates the strength of all the incredible women who tackle each day and conquer every obstacle with grace and determination.

Miss Commando is owned by women and run by women

Be simple like the Amish, but badass like a Commando

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