Explore Our Behind-the-Scenes!

Explore Our Behind-the-Scenes!


At Our Goat Farms, we don't just produce goods; we cultivate an experience that's rooted in sustainability, quality, and a deep respect for the environment. Join us on a journey as we introduce you to Our Goat Farms, where our commitment to eco-friendly practices and animal welfare takes center stage.

Locally Grown Goodness:

Our story begins with a passion for locally grown products. At Our Goat Farms, we take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients for our creations. With a focus on quality, our small batches ensure that each product is crafted to perfection, delivering an unparalleled experience to our customers.

Environmental Commandos:

As self-proclaimed Environmental Commandos, we are on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. We believe that responsible business practices can coexist with producing top-tier products. By choosing Our Goat Farms, you're not just supporting a brand; you're contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

The Backbone of Our Operation: Our Happy, Healthy Goats:

The heart of Our Goat Farms lies in our goats, the true heroes of our operation. We believe that happy goats make better products, and that's why our Commando goats enjoy three seasons of pasture each year. Their well-being is paramount to us – from locally grown feed and regular veterinary care to annual disease screenings and up-to-date inoculations, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their health.

A Commitment to Family and Bonding:

Unlike many commercial operations, we embrace the beauty of family and bonding in Our Goat Farms. Our goats are not separated from their offspring; instead, we encourage the nurturing bond between mother and baby. Witnessing our herd grow and thrive is not just a part of our job; it's a testament to our dedication to creating a compassionate and family-friendly environment.


At Our Goat Farms, our commitment to sustainability, quality, and animal welfare sets us apart. As you savor our products, know that each product is a culmination of our dedication to environmentally conscious practices and the well-being of our cherished goats. Join us in creating a world where responsible farming and exceptional products go hand in hand. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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